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Many decision makers are faced with the challenge of making critical decisions having major financial, environmental and operational repercussions without the benefit of impartial advice.

ATM effectively represents the environment within which aircraft operate and therefore has a significant direct influence on aviation as a whole.

Based in Montreal Canada, the global hub of civil aviation; we are a small, responsive, civil aviation management consultancy composed of very accomplished professionals. We have experience worldwide and offer timely, flexible and expert support tailored to the needs of our clients.

Lessons learned

Experience has shown repeatedly that:

  • Successful aviation solutions require collaboration between all concerned stakeholders
  • Operations’ needs must drive the technology decisions, not the reverse
  • There is no one solution, and each must be adapted to the local conditions
  • Successful strategies come from decisions made by those who will apply them. Solutions provided by outsiders without proper collaboration with the operational staff are likely to fail.
  • The wheel has already been invented. It just needs to be adapted to the local needs.

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