Government Challenges

Environmental targets

Significant amounts of greenhouse gas and noise emissions are tied to air traffic. Optimized use of modern airspace and procedure design techniques can enable governments at all levels, working with relevant stakeholders, to reduce emissions and progress down the path to meeting objectives.


UAVs (drones) are appearing everywhere. Governments need to understand their nature and associated issues to properly determine policies.

Transportation Policy – Evolving in the modern environment

Civil Aviation Authorities have agreed to meet international commitments within the ICAO framework to implement the provisions of the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and its Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs). This requires an understanding of the complex relationships between national policy objectives, the operational objectives and the means to enable them through designs, procedures and technologies. We can help you to plan and implement cost effective solutions that are compliant and harmonized.


We have a very good understanding of the environment and the ability to help you make sense of it, to help you make the most appropriate decisions and implement them.



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